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Seven ways to tell if it’s time to change your accountant

Deciding to switch accountants can feel like a big step, but as your business needs change it may become a necessary one. Here are seven ways to tell if it’s time for a change:

1. You only see your accountant once a year

Accountants shouldn’t just be about facts and figures. At Veritas, we see ourselves as business advisors who will work alongside you in all aspects of your business. At our first meeting, we will try and find out as much as possible about you, not because we’re over-familiar, but because it’s the best way to find out if you’re making the most of your business.

2. You need advice on the future

A good accountant will look to the future and offer advice on where your business is going. If you are looking at exit strategies, we can help you with that too. Your accounts give a good snapshot of a point in time, but what about reports and forecasts that will help you to plan and your business to grow?

3. You feel like technology is leaving you behind

We believe that traditional values such as honesty and integrity are important, but it’s vital to keep up to date with technology. We need to keep abreast with the latest developments, not just in order to process your R&D claim, but also to help you benefit from cloud accounting and the increased security that comes from having up to date technology.

4. You can’t get hold of the information you need

Systems and record keeping are vital in decision making. The watchword of 2019 is data, the security and accessibility of which is crucial to any business. We can help you get your records up to date and give you the ability to see your key figures any time you like.

5. You need to have a confidential discussion

If you are considering strategic changes in personnel, finance or structure and need a sounding board, your accountant should offer a sympathetic and confidential ear. We are proud of our corporate advisory services and on our strong links to other professional services.

6. You feel like you’re outgrowing your accountant (or vice versa)

If your business has grown significantly and you feel like your accounts are too complex and lengthy for your current accountant, it may be time to look elsewhere. Or your accountant may have been taken over by a national firm and you suddenly feel like a mere number. If you feel as if you’re paying for city centre overheads and glossy brochures with a hands-off approach, you should look for a firm with personal service.

7. You feel like you’re paying too much

Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting value for money. You may want to see how much tax has been saved for you, or how much you are paying for payroll services versus another accountant. It’s ok to shop around and also to ask for a detailed breakdown of charges before you make the move. Trust is a key part of any relationship. If you are unsure what your accountant is actually doing for you, maybe it’s time for a change. Give us a call on 0161 833 3933 to put your business in the hands of someone who will put your best interests first.